Explore the essential elements of beer–malt, hops, yeast, and water–and learn all about Beer-natomy! 

Join us at The Kame & Kettle Beer Works for a hands-on brewing experience.  We’ll coach you through the entire brewing process from start to finish.  Throughout the session we’ll explore the  varieties and characteristics of the key ingredients of beer.  We’ll answer questions like, what is an IBU?  Why is some beer ‘funky’?  How much coffee is in a coffee porter?  And, while we’re learning, we’ll have to taste the differences first hand!

Registration in Brew U’s “Beer-natomy” class includes:

  • Participation in one (approximately 4 hour) brew session
  • A gourmet lunch by The Righteous Monger, and
  • 2 flights of beer samples (allowing you to sample different malt, hop, and yeast combinations)

Register here.  Space is limited!