Brew U @ the Kame & Kettle

Surly Leprechaun Brewing is excited to announce that our next Brew U session will be hosted by the Kame & Kettle Beer Works.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to brew exceptional all grain beer at home, this is your chance!  Join us at the Kame & Kettle Beer Works Sunday, April 29th for a hands-on brewing experience.  We’ll guide you through the entire brewing process from start to finish.  Our philosophy is that you will learn by doing!

Registration includes:

  • Participation in one (approximately 4 hour) Brew U session
  • One Bucket with lid and airlock
  • One mini-siphon and one meter of siphon hose
  • Star San sanitizer sufficient to complete brew
  • A minimum of one gallon (four litres) of wort (which will yield approximately 12 bottles of beer) and yeast sufficient for fermentation

Here are the details:

Brew U: Hands-On Brewing Experience
Sunday, April 29th 2018
11am – approximately 3pm
at the Kame & Kettle Beer Works
25 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, ON

Register here.  Space is limited!

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