CORRECTION – Brew U Session #2: February 18th 2018

The success of our first Brew U session has prompted us to plan session #2.

Our next hands-on brewing experience for newbies will take place…

Sunday, February 18th 2018 starting 11am

If you love beer, if you’re curious about what craft beer is all about, or if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to brew amazing craft beer at home, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to participate in the brewing process from beginning to end!

Register individually or with a partner.  Registration includes:
-Participation in one (approximately 4 hour) Brew U session
-One copy of the Brew U Textbook (forthcoming)
-One Bucket with lid and airlock
-One 3 gallon PET carboy and carboy cap
-One mini-siphon and one meter of siphon hose
-One 4 oz bottle of Star San sanitizer
-A minimum of one gallon (four litres) of wort (which will yield approximately 12 bottles of beer) and yeast sufficient for fermentation

We can’t wait to see you so you can find out for yourself…


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