A Long But Successful Night

It was a long but ultimately a successful night for participants in Surly Leprechaun’s very first Brew U session…

Now that the wort has fermented into beer we can officially say that SLB’s first Brew U session was a success!  Please join me in welcoming Sue, Dave, and Steve, three new home-brewers, to the hobby.

We milled our grains, mashed-in just a little after 7:30 pm, set the timer, and proceeded to talk about some of the most important first steps when it comes to home-brewing (like reading the recipe and getting familiar with some of the technical terminology).  We did the vorlauf…

…sparged, and were boiling our wort by about 9:30 pm.  A few hop additions later and we were chillin’…the wort that is.  The evening wrapped just before midnight.  We were all tired, but fun and learning was had by all!

SLB’s next Brew U session will take place on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017.  Rather than brewing into the wee hours, we’ll get started at 10 am, break between Noon and 1, and wrap up around 3pm.

Registration for the December 3rd session will be posted shortly!  We can’t wait to see you there!

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