Our Inaugural Session

The website is still under construction and there are still some minor details to work out.  But its time to announce…

Attention all new and aspiring homebrewers: Surly Leprechaun Brewing is proud to announce the inaugural session of Brew U, a hands on instructional seminar teaching the basics of craft brewing.

Our first session will take place…

Saturday, October 28th between 7 and 10pm

Participants in the session will enjoy hands-on brewing experience and discussions covering topics including equipment, ingredients, and techniques.

Every participant will leave the session with wort (the concoction that is fermented into beer), some reusable brewing equipment, reference materials, and the know-how to brew your own beer at home.

You must register in advance to participate.  There are registration options for one person or share the take-home materials between two people and save.  You’ll find the registration options here.  Registration for our inaugural session will be limited to 10 participants so be sure to register before the session fills up!

Sign-up today and discover for yourself that #homebrewisbetter!

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